Announcing Publication of the RESISTIR Latin America Online Poetry Anthology

June 19, 2024

Text reads Resistir / Latin American PEN Centers / Ebook PublicationOn November 18, 2023, World Literature Today and Latin American Literature Today partnered with Rocío Durán-Barba and the “RESISTIR Groupe” of Latin American PEN Centers to host a historic bilingual online reading event that featured more than two dozen poets, all newly translated for a landmark gathering of urgent voices from Central and South America as well as the Caribbean.

Now, RESISTIR / RESIST, a fully bilingual ebook based on that event—published by Allpamanda in cooperation with the Centros PEN de América Latina—is available on Rocío Durán-Barba’s website at this link. With “the light of poetry against the chaos of the world” as its motto, the book promises to inspire readers everywhere with “voices that rise up,” reflecting the history and spirit of Latin America.

With a preface co-written by Arthur Dixon, managing editor of Latin American Literature Today, and Daniel Simon, editor in chief of World Literature Today, plus an introduction by Rocío Durán-Barba, the book includes poems by thirty writers:

  • Leticia Martin (Argentina)
  • Oscar Arze Quintanilla (Bolivia)
  • Jahel Milka Loredo Ríos (Bolivia)
  • Sonia Solarte Orejuela (Colombia)
  • Lidia Corcione Crescini (Colombia)
  • Cicerón Aguilar Acevedo (Chiapas)
  • Manuel Bolom Pale (Chiapas)
  • Jaime Hales (Chile)
  • Juan Enrique Piedrabuena (Chile)
  • Aquiles Jimbo Córdova (Ecuador)
  • Juan Secaira Velástegui (Ecuador)
  • Ernesto Díaz Rodríguez (Escritores Cubanos en el Exilio)
  • José Antonio Albertini (Escritores Cubanos en el Exilio)
  • Ruth Levy (Guadalajara)
  • Roberto Cifuentes Escobar (Guatemala)
  • Óscar Deigonet López (Honduras)
  • Venus Ixchel Mejía (Honduras)
  • Sandra Lorenzano (México)
  • Missael Duarte Somoza (Nicaragua)
  • Anónimo (Nicaragua)
  • Luis María Martínez (Paraguay)
  • Lourdes Espíndola (Paraguay)
  • Yasmarie Hernández González (Puerto Rico)
  • Norma Mayorga (Quechua)
  • Julieta Zurita Cavero (Quechua)
  • Jesús García Rincón (San Miguel de Allende)
  • Alejandro Michelena (Uruguay)
  • Samuel González-Seijas (Venezuela)
  • Jacqueline Goldberg (Venezuela)
  • Rocío Durán-Barba (Ecuador)

A dozen translators contributed translations for the original event, many of them longtime contributors to WLT and LALT: Wendy Call, Whitney DeVos, Arthur Malcolm Dixon, Joaquín Gavilano, George Henson, Robin Myers, Colleen Noland, Cal Paule, Lawrence Schimel, Anthony Seidman, Daniel Simon, and D. P. Snyder.

A limited print edition of the book will also be available at booth 401 during the Marché de la poésie in Paris, June 19–23, 2024.