Two Poems

translated by Cindy Jiménez-Vera
A photograph of paper burning up in a fire at night
Photo by Quinn Dombrowski / Flickr


Over there in that urban landscape
where two trees are barely distinguishable,
decades ago there was a river
overwhelming and sweet
they drained it to urbanize the riverbed.
When it rains profusely
the river reclaims its space.
The city dwellers call that decolonial act of rain:
floods. And run away from them.
They seem to have forgotten about Salcedo
and search – with horror – for answers
to the possibility of drowning.

Book Burning

Instead of a pyre
now they dictate who not to read.
Others see Mjölnir
and pass by good judgment
the earth and its lightning.
Somewhere in a rural place
Prometheus’s liver
receives the bites
of vultures
every day
for the first time.

Translations from the Spanish

Cindy Jiménez-Vera (b. 1978, San Sebastián del Pepino) is a poet, librarian, translator, and editor. She is the author of I’ll Trade You This Island: Selected Poems / Te cambio esta isla: poemas escogidos, translated from the Spanish by Guillermo Rebollo-Gil.