Agnes Martin, Eye Hill Rural Municipality
No. 382, Saskatchewan


The land moves
           without qualm
in billows and degrees
            of boredom, then pulls
back to a care-
            worn wince. Another shipment
of wind. Irascible as a lost
            letter, unsullied
by its constant
            gesture. Here is what I know:
the stretch
            of the land caught
up to me, slipped
and I learned the common wheat
            as my future
and past, and wised
            to the low-lying sameness
that appeared as the mantle
            of time
digging in, stretching
            out, and as much
as I looked, as deep
            as I searched, as my eyes went
to the plain,

Lauren Camp is the author of four books, most recently Turquoise Door. She is the recipient of the Dorset Prize, a fellowship from Black Earth Institute, and a finalist citation for the Arab American Book Award. Her work has been translated into Mandarin, Turkish, Spanish, and Arabic.