Bailey Hoffner

Portrait by Braden Denton

Bailey Hoffner volunteers with Poetic Justice, an organization that offers restorative writing workshops for incarcerated women, and writes book reviews for World Literature Today. She is currently working to complete her first full collection of poems, If the Honey Is Sunk.

  • Bailey Hoffner
    Ruth Loveland, Inferno, 36x36 inches, mixed media on wood, 2017 is the last thing I want you to become as in late in life your lover looks at a picture of the day you met a sudden warmt…
  • March 12, 2019 Bailey Hoffner
    Sylvia Plath standing beside her bicycle, Marblehead, Massachusetts, July 24, 1951. Plath, who was eighteen at the time, and her Smith College roommate, Marcia Brown (later Marcia B. Stern), served a…