Tania Malyarchuk

Photo by Taras Khimchak

Tania Malyarchuk (b. 1983) is one of Ukraine’s most talented young prose writers. Her first novel, Adolpho’s Endspiel, or a Rose for Liza, appeared in 2004. Her later collections of shorter prose works include From Above Looking Down: A Book of Fears (2006), How I Became a Saint (2006), To Speak (2007), Bestiary of Words (2009), and Divine Comedy (2009). She is currently a writer-in-residence in Vienna, Austria.

  • Tania Malyarchuk
    Ukrainian writer Tanya Malyarchuk’s work fuses Chekhov-like psychological portraits of characters with magical realism. Many of her most fascinating narratives focus on her life growing up amid th…