Marilyne Bertoncini


Born in Flanders and dividing her time between Nice and Parma, Marilyne Bertoncini is a teacher, poet, and translator. Her most recent publications include La Noyée d’Onagawa (Jacques André Éditeur, 2020), Son corps d’ombre (Éd. Zinzoline, 2021), and a translation: Gili Haimovich’s Soleil hésitant (Jacques André Éditeur, 2021). Since 2016 she has been the co-director of the online literary review Recours au Poème.

  • Marilyne Bertoncini
    Ghislaine Lejard, l’ombre (2020), 6.5 x 7.5 cm, torn paper glued on cardboard / Reproduced by permission of the artist I tame shadows each day I descend further into their world and they d…