Iossif Ventura


Iossif Ventura was born in Greece and lives in Athens. He writes and translates poetry and participates in poetry-related fora and conferences. His elegy TANAIΣ, in a bilingual edition, was published by Red Heifer Press in 2015. His poems have been translated into English, French, Hebrew, Spanish, Serbian, and Arabic (see WLT, Jan. 2016, 22–25).

  • Iossif Ventura
    Who are these people marching at noontide?Why do we hear these beating drums?What are the pigeons looking for on fluttering banners?What are the scattered words that stain the air? Sweat soaks the sq…
  • Iossif Ventura
    Photo: Public Domain/Pixabay Untitled The wildflowers don’t bloom on command nor can their seeds be sown rebellious winds whirl at dawn winnowing seeds toward the ossuaries of the fields…