Ibrahim Nasrallah


Writer, artist, and photographer Ibrahim Nasrallah was born in 1954 to Palestinian parents who were uprooted from their land in 1948. The author of fourteen poetry collections and twenty-two novels, his epic series of novels, The Palestinian Comedy, covers 250 years of modern Palestinian history. His novel Prairies of Fever was listed by the Guardian as one of the ten most important novels written about the Arab world. Among many other prizes for his work, in 2012 he won the inaugural Jerusalem Award for Culture and Creativity for his literary work.

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    Imad Abu Shtayyah, Rise Up / Courtesy of the artist Maybe this very morning is suitable for forgetting you and forgetting once and for all your flowers and gardens Maybe this doorstep i…
  • Ibrahim Nasrallah
    Cairo. Hoopoe / American University in Cairo Press. 2017. 155 pages. In the poignant and humorous prose of Gaza Weddings, Palestinian poet, novelist, critic, painter, and photographer Ibrahim…