Frank Sherlock

Photo: Courtesy of the Poetry Foundation

Frank Sherlock approaches the work of poet as conduit and the writing process as collaborations of encounter. He is a founder of PACE (Poet Activist Community Extension), which enacts roving guerrilla readings/performances in public spaces. Poems beyond the page have found their forms in installations/performances/exhibitions, including Refuse/Reuse: Language for the Common Landfill, Kensington Riots Project, Neighbor Ballads, and B. Franklin Basement Tapes. He is the author of Space Between These Lines Not Dedicated (Ixnay Press, 2014), The City Real & Imagined (w/ CA Conrad), Over Here (2009), and Ready-to-Eat Individual (w/ Brett Evans, 2008). He is a 2013 Pew Fellow in the Arts for Literature and the second Poet Laureate of Philadelphia.