Feng Jicai


Feng Jicai (b. 1942) is a contemporary Chinese writer, painter, and cultural scholar. He was also a professor at Tianjin University. Feng started publishing literary works in 1977. His most important works include Shenbian (1984; The wonder queue), which won the National Outstanding Novella Prize; the short story “Shitou Shuohua” (1998; The stone talks), which won China’s October Literature Prize; and the short-story collection Sushi Qiren (2018; Rarities in the secular world), which won the Lu Xun Literary Prize.

  • March 19, 2024 Feng Jicai
    Photo by Christopher Michel / FlickrFeng Jicai looks into the life of Parisians and their unique “street kiss” culture. He is mesmerized by the affection that they share unapologetically, in a wor…