Eli Eliahu


Eli Eliahu’s publications include Epistles to the Children (Am Oved, 2018), Ir veh-beh-helot [City and fears] (Am Oved, 2011), and Ani veh lo malakh [I, and not an angel] (Helicon, 2008). He’s received the Matanel Prize for Young Jewish Writers (2013) and the Israel Prime Minister’s Prize in Poetry (2014).

  • March 21, 2022 Eli Eliahu
    Photo by Carli Jeen / Unsplash Epistles to the Children I am writing to the copiers, to those who whisper to each other in fear, to those who scratch their loves into the tables.…
  • Eli Eliahu
    Photo: Daniel Ebneter/Flickr Crossroads All winter I didn’t write a poem, and I didn’t remembereven one dream that I dreamt. I left a houseand a wife, rented an apartment, and everything I neededI fo…