Candace G. Wiley

Photo by Melissa Lukenbaugh

Candace G. Wiley was born in South Carolina and is co-founding director of The Watering Hole, a nonprofit that creates Harlem Renaissance–style spaces in the contemporary South, and she often writes in the mode of Afrofuturism, covering topics from black aliens to mutants to mermaids. Her work has been featured in Best American Poetry 2015, Prairie Schooner, the Texas Review, and Jasper Magazine, among others. Wiley is now living, writing, and helping direct The Watering Hole from her new home in Tulsa.

  • Candace G. Wiley
    Courtesy of the Tulsa Historical Society and Museum things to teach my son Tulsa, June 1, 1921 how to hold the line at first street. no escape how to tramp backyard gardens how to spot hid…